Innerforce Foundation Youth

We believe that every child who wants to participate in sports should have the opportunity to do so. Further, we believe that economic barriers should not prevent youth from participating in the sports they love. Young athletes should not be kept out of endurance sports participation because they lack financial resources. The youth development fund provides funding to families and grassroots organizations (nonprofits, community centers, and local schools) who lack the resources to pay for youth to participate in endurance sports. We want to ensure that mental, physical, and emotional development is highly valued and a part of everyday life.

Aspiring Athletes Project

The Innerforce Foundation Athlete project supports underfunded endurance athletes in their journey to compete on the world’s biggest stage to empower and inspire their communities. Many athletes miss their chance because of the lack of resources and support. This program aims to find those athletes who would benefit the greatest from additional resources to meet their goals.

Together is Better

We believe we all flourish when we participate in endurance sports together. The Together is Better initiative provides grants to organizations and programs that specifically deal with diversity, equity, and inclusion in endurance sports. “Together is Better” aims to bring the opportunity to participate in endurance sports to everyone regardless of their race, gender, zip code, or socioeconomic status.

Innerforce Foundation Team

The Innerforce Foundation Team is composed of Professional and Elite Age Group athletes who represent the ideals of Innerforce and are committed to sharing their stories and success with future generations of rising athletes.

Special Opportunities

Our mission is to use the transformative power of endurance sports to facilitate athletes’ mental and physical growth through initiatives that empower each athlete to achieve personal success in both competitions and life. We realize this mission is not in a vacuum, and we seek to partner with other organizations whose mission aligns with ours. This fund aims to allow like-minded organizations to gain support and a partnership.