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Aspiring Athletes Project

Aspiring Athlete Project Grant Program For High-Performance Athletes

The Aspiring Athlete Project is designed to support high-performance athletes whose lives have been negatively impacted by financial constraints. Athletes who are poised to compete at the Summer Games and as Professional athletes have been affected by the sudden drop in training, competitions, and sponsorships that have caused them to forgo training to focus on other pressing issues as a result of financial obligations. The Innerforce Foundation intends to support these athletes and encourage them to continue their training with a renewed focus. 

The program also seeks to recognize active athletes who have demonstrated remarkable volunteerism or mentorship. Final selections will be guided by an Advisory Board.

    Eligibility Requirement

    • Must be at least 18 years old.
    • Must not have an anti-doping rule violation in their career.
    • Cannot have a conviction or open investigation of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct.
    • Must be experiencing an adverse impact from financial obligations.

    Selection Criteria

    • A financial strain that impacts training.
    • A financial strain that impacts participation in competitions/races.
    • Community service efforts.
    • Trajectory to becoming a high-performance athlete.

    If selected, athletes will be asked to participate in various promotional activities, including:


    Submitting photos of yourself training for us to share on social media, in our annual report, on our website, etc. We want to highlight your efforts as an athlete.


    If you have a social media account, we will ask you to post thanking us using the tag @innerforce.foundation.


    Participate in a spotlight interview (via email or spoken) within one year of receiving the grant. The spotlight will touch on your training, how the award has impacted you, etc.


    Provide a short report on the use and impact of the grant before January 31, 2023.


    Provide images, video, and quotes as reasonably required by The Innerforce Foundation for use in social media campaigns, website articles, and other digital or distributed content.


    Endurance Sports you participate in