We aim to become the leading voice at the intersection of endurance sports and personal growth. We hope to use this voice to empower, challenge, and inspire the next generation of leaders, improve the lives of endurance athletes, and act as stewards of the best practices in the endurance sports industry as a whole.


Use the transformative power of endurance sports to facilitate young athletes’ mental and physical growth through initiatives that empower each athlete to achieve personal success in both competitions and life.

Innerforce Foundation Values


Innerforce Foundation will continually seek out partnerships across the endurance sports world in order to solve the biggest challenges facing the industry.


Innerforce Foundation will always act in ways that care for those athletes and communities we interact with and work to improve their emotional and physical well-being.


We will work with individuals and organizations in order to provide the tools and skills needed to ensure their greatest chance of success in competition and sports.


At Innerforce Foundation we approach our work with the same vigor and enthusiasm as the athletes and communities we serve. We will continue to approach our work with the same tenacity as our athletes compete.


Everyone can benefit from the lessons endurance sports provide. At Innerforce Foundation we are committed to developing the whole athlete not standing on the podium.


After spending my career in nonprofit management and competing in endurance sports for the last 20 years, I feel incredibly privileged to be writing this message as the Managing Director of the Innerforce Foundation. This month marks the beginning of the foundation’s history as we celebrate our launch and the tremendous potential we have for the future. The Innerforce Foundation is beginning its journey, and we are excited to build and expand our organization. Innerforce Foundation will become synonymous with our commitment to helping our athletes, the hundreds of youth and families we serve, the vast elite athlete program we have, and the hundreds of adults whose volunteer dedication has enhanced their lives. From every aspect, so many will benefit from the fantastic programming supported by the Innerforce Foundation.

Our commitment is providing exceptional client services and living the core values of this organization to the fullest with a dedication to enhancing the physical, emotional, intellectual health, and wellness of the youth, teens, adults, and professional athletes in the communities we serve. In short, Innerforce Foundation stands for excellence in leadership, integrity, and complete transparency in the spirit of community collaboration.

Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand. We aim to become the leading voice at the intersection of endurance sports and personal growth. We hope to empower, challenge and inspire youth and adults to become what they thought impossible. Finding your inspiration and motivation can be elusive and fleeting, but reaching outside of yourself and seeing what drives you can make all the difference. This is what Innerforce Foundation is all about.

We are excited about adding new concepts in programming that will increase the scope of youth and professional athlete services. Everything we do brings positive change in the communities where we work and live.

I am incredibly grateful to be associated with the Innerforce Foundation and excited about this journey.

Empowering the journey together.

Matthew Bonn | Managing Director